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Abou Shakra: the Original Food Pyramid

We headed out to Abou Shakra's flagship restaurant in the shadows of the Great Pyramids of Giza for dinner with an unbeatable view...

Let's be honest. There is nothing impressive about an Egyptian restaurant in Cairo that serves up a wealth of grills, meats, vine leaves, mezzas and more. There are a few notable restaurants in the city that stand out from the rest, and Abou Shakra is definitely one of them. Especially their Sound and Light branch in Giza. As we arrived and sat on our table, we had a clear panoramic view of the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, definitely something everyone should cross off of their bucket list 

No Oriental meal is complete without a a massive platter of mezzas and Abou Shakra goes all out with hummus, tehina, baba ghanough and an Egyptian salad, all with a bottomless basket of freshly-made, steaming-hot baladi bread. And with the Sound and Light show starting right in front of us, it made the whole experience magical. It also inspired us to start the hashtag #FromWhereIEat.

Abou Shakra's kitchen has always received considerable praise for its mixed grill and kobeba since Egypt's glory days, having been established in 1947, whenit was a high-end restaurant for the rich and famous. Our grandpas had to know someone who knows someone to just have a bite of kofta, but we didn't need to as we ordered their mixed grill with a side of sautéed vegetables and rice. And bamia. And molokheya. BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW, OKAY? You need to be prepared and that's what we did. The chicken, kofta, kebab and ribs come as part of this gloriously mouthwatering #foodporn-y package, and all are succulent, tender and full of flavour that made us scream #NOMNOMNOM.

Abou Shakra's Sound and Light branch is the best spot in town for you to enjoy one of our country's cultural landmarks without being harassed by people trying to rip you off by selling a Khufu pyramid for $500 AND devour a mixed grill at the same time. We can't wait to go back again.   

Find out more about Abou Shakra here.