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Acriliques Nail Spa

Get ready ladies - those Lana Del Rey-style nails are going to be yours! We check out the latest nail spa to hit the city...

Ahh a trip to the nail spa. The ultimate treat for many a woman; you go in looking like a hobo who lives under a bridge, bits of peeled polish on your nails making it look like you’ve been scrubbing floors with Cinderella all day, and then – ta-da! – you emerge all clean and shiny and perfectly painted nails. But these days, it’s not even good enough to get a straight-up manicure; everyone’s facing a serious #InstaObsession with #NailArt, in large part thanks to Instagram. And Rihanna. Every fifth post features some weird intricate nail art design that you could never hope to replicate in a million years and that most nail salons in the city just can’t seem to master.

But, BUT, one spot in the city, nail spa Acriliques, is the place to go for some masterful nail art. Their speciality is creating elaborate little masterpieces on the tiny canvas that is your nails. Plus they have acrylic nails, and gel – that thing where it’s like the equivalent of twelve million coats of polish and is supposed to last forty nine thousand years without actually being fake nails. All numbers mentioned in previous sentence are entirely fictional and based on our primitive understanding of nail care.

They’ve also got a nice old fashioned mani-pedi offer, for those who don’t feel it necessary to go the whole Lana Del Rey long-talons route. But the coolest thing about this spa is they have this epic thing called paraffin wax, which is basically where they dip your hands and feet in a little vat of warm wax, kind of like a candied apple but with no caramel and no apple, and then you take them out, the wax dries and it’s peeled off, and it leaves your skin all soft and supple like a baby's bottom. If that’s not the coolest thing you’ve ever heard you don’t deserve to have hands.

All of this is done in an opulent space that mixes an old Moroccan bath feel with modern vibes. Prepare to be pampered!

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @acriliques. For more information you can call them on 02 24144036 or pop by their place at 62 Nozha St., at the intersection with Horreya St., Heliopolis. 

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