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Alexandria's Corniche to Host 10K Run

Ready, get set, run! Alex Runners will be burning up the tarmac with their sneakers this weekend as they host a 10K run along the Corniche this Friday, with partial ticket proceeds going to charity. Fit people everywhere welcome to join.

Good news for those who love a good run. Not us or anything, but those who do. On Friday October 23rd a 10km race will be taking place on the beautiful and historic Corniche of Alexandria, organised by Alex Runners.

For all those with something to prove, or those simply looking for the opportunity to have a breathtaking run on the iconic Mediterranean Coast, but most importantly, for those who have the actual fitness levels to complete such a run, the 10K run is planned to start at 7 AM.

The meeting point for all those interested will be at the Gleem Parking/ Latino Café with the finish line set for Bahari at the historic Citadel.

Not only will this run be a treat for competitive athletes and passionate runners, but this event is also a fundraiser to support Ayadi Al-Mostakbal, an organisation that helps cancer patients receive proper treatment. Tickets to participate in the event are set at 60LE and half the proceeds will be donated to Ayadi Al-Mostakbal. If you or a friend are interested in getting active, staying healthy, and taking in the beauty that is Alexandria then make sure to catch this memorable event.

To register click here or visit Alex Runner's Facebook for more information.