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Almaz: Alcohol & Sushi

Conor Sheils discovers Mohandessin hot spot, Almaz, heading over there for a few drinks and a lot of sushi, finding it to be the perfect place for a Valentine's Day date...

Cairo is often accused of having an oversupply of good sushi restaurants and unfortunately Almaz at Swiss Inn isn't going to help the capital shake the dubious stigma. The basement cavern nestled beneath Mohandessin's swanky Swiss Inn serves up excellent sushi in eloquent surroundings.

The venue itself strikes just the right balance between chic and trendy with a Gothic touch to appeal to your dark side. The ambiance is one of mystery, aided wonderfully by the soothing chill-out sounds played by the restaurant's in-house DJ. The crowd was varied, but seemed to largely made-up of Cairo's upwardly mobile business set, enjoying a post-work bite to eat alongside the capital's loved-up pre-Valentine's couples.

Once we took our seats the waiter was promptly on hand with the restaurant's exclusive sushi menu. And the selection on offer certainly didn't disappoint, from singular one off pieces of favorites including tuna, salmon and shrimp to a mouthwatering platter of delicious vegetarian sushi. There were also a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on offer from the venue's amply stocked bar. 

I settled on the assorted eight piece platter, made up of two pieces of tuna, two pieces of salmon, two shrimps, one eel, one crab. Meanwhile, my wife opted for the vegetarian sushi selection which included black mushroom, cucumber, avocado, radish, lettuce and of course, rice. As we sipped our drinks we couldn't help but fall in love - with the venue, of course. The comfortable surroundings, cosy decor, and smooth ambiance provide the perfect setting for a romantic evening, a quick bite to eat with friends or, perhaps, a last ditched attempt to save a failing marriage. As I looked into the distance pondering in which of the above circumstances I might next visit Almaz, thankfully, the food arrived.

The generous portions neatly presented in exquisite rolls of yumminess (coupled with the alcohol) provided more than enough happy feelings to drown out the eternal sadness which forever taunts my soul. Emotions aside, the sushi was flawless. The portions were just the right size and the flavour was out of this world from the the tasty tuna to the simply orgasmic crab. Meanwhile, my partner's platter mixed crunchy vegetables and tasty rice in contrast with her less than palatable personality.

In all, Almaz at the Swiss Inn provided a delicious midweek treat and the perfect end to my former nagging hell to a whole new life of possibilities and fun. I would highly recommend the venue for an ideal Valentine's Day date and in fact it is exactly where I'll be returning with my new squeeze on February 14.

Why not put your love to the test this Valentine's Day, take your partner to Almaz and if you can spot us, come on over for a double date. Find out more about Almaz on their Facebook page here.