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Anyone But Him

Nine Egyptian guys you wouldn't want your sister to date...

Anyone who has a sister knows that you can never be too protective of her. Most of the time in Egypt, this taken to extremes but on some occasions it can be warranted. We decided to ask the CairoScene office one simple question: Which Egyptian guys would you not let your sister date?

Tamer Hosny

Without a shadow of a doubt, everyone we asked gave this guy as their number one answer, which begs the question: how much money do you think he pays girls to be in his videos? Whether it is his squeaky voice, his misogynistic views, or his Furby-like chest hair, this man-boy deserves no loving,  especially not from your sister, even if he does know J.Lo.

Mamdouh Farag

This unfortunately famous wrestler is ugly enough to force you into submitting without even touching you. Despite the fact wrestling is fake and filled with terrible actors, this behemoth of a man seems like he is not acting; he’s just that sleazy. Definitely someone you wouldn't want to be giving the screwdriver to your sister.

Hossam Aboul Fotouh

This man may be able to make you feel financially secure, but no one is safe from the internet with this man, renowned for leaking videos of him having sex with Dina the belly dancer. There is really nothing else to add to this unless, for some perverted reason, you want to see your sister naked online. If you do, seek help.

Magdy Abdel Ghany

23 years ago, this man scored a World Cup goal on a penalty shot against the Netherlands and, for 23 years, he has never missed a chance to remind everyone about it. Could you imagine if he banged your sister and you had to hear about it every day for the next 23 years? Case closed.

Oka & Ortega

It isn't really fair to put these two on the list since they’ve not really done anything wrong. The problem is we’ve never seen them apart. It seems like they are a package deal and the last thing a brother wants to be thinking about is a couple Shaabi singers three-waying his sister.

Mortada Mansour

This vile piece of dirt is renowned for blackmailing half of Egypt with his precious CDs that contain everything you don't want anyone to know. If for some reason your sister is seduced, be strict and adamant with her but, for the love of God, don't hit her. Chances are it will end up on a CD that you will have to pay for.

Mahmoud Shaaban

This Muslim extremist is so sexist, and probably just about every other -ist in the book, that he is definitely one to avoid. Renowned for always saying hatooly ragel, this jackass would likely marry your sister and three others, hiding them under niqabs and keeping them in shadows.

Ramez Galal

So this douchebag is such a jerk that he’d try to marry your sister and ditch her at the altar just because it would make for good television. That’s not to mention the constant bad jokes and pointless pranks, and your sister would have to deal with cameras on them 24/7 in hopes of capturing a moment where he is actually funny for a change