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Arab Money, SuperSayarat

Rich Arabs are not known for their taste or subtlety, and from these pictures, it appears that goes doubly for their cars...

It’s an undeniable fact of life that Arabs like to show off. Even the most modest Arab will have a cabinet full of delicate crystal glass that they put on display like it’s a priceless Rembrandt. Arabs of all ages have been guilty of wearing a watch that is slightly too large, or tuning up their battered Lancer slightly too much, or wearing a dress that is slightly too inundated with painfully blinding knock-off Swarovski crystals. One can only wonder, if that’s what the average Arab does, what do the oil-tycoon, football-club-owning, richer-than-thou Arabs do? Well, to find the answer to this question, we must venture to an unlikely place. London always sees enormous influx of rich Arabs bringing their absurdly ostentatious cars with them on summer vacation. You thought footballers taste in cars was gaudy, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Gold-wrapped Range Rover
Tron-styled Lamborghini Aventador
Black and gold Bugatti Veyron
Pink Rolls Royce
White and gold Bugatti Veyron
A Koenigsegg and a Lamborghini
Black Lamborghini being towed
Blue Maserati receiving ticket