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Are You 'A Class'?

Find out whether you make the cut and can be considered part of Egypt's elite.

We can all pretend that we belong to the A Class but frankly speaking only a certain few can honestly be described as such. We here at CairoScene have been scratching our heads on how to definitively distinguish the elite from the rest of the 'bee2a' nation. After much discussion we compiled a list of all the thing that the A Class have no idea about that the rest of the country does, told through #selfie hashtags we found. Because, as it turns out, there is a selfie for every situation. So the real question left is: are you really part of the A Class?

The A Class may drive the nicest cars in Egypt but, let's be honest, if you were really A Class then you would have a driver. That is, of course, if you aren't driving an imported sports car intended to make you feel like you have a bigger penis. That boner, unfortunately, will vanish the second they get a flat tire, as the A Class are likely know that tires can be changed, but not how to change them themselves.


The A Class may eat the fanciest foods cooking to them is as foreign as their breakfast Danish. If you are part of the A Class, then you have a chef willing to prepare anything at any time, as the idea of A Class pouring milk on their own cereal is beyond their private education. Speaking of milk, if you are part of the A Class than chances are you will have no idea what the price of milk is. Hint: It's far less than the price of a cow.


The A Class live in ridiculously large homes that look impossibly spotless. Obviously, if you are part of the A Class then you employ a complete team of professional cleaners. Considering that the A Class don't know the difference between washing machine and a dishwasher, or even a mop from a broom, then one could assume that the A Class also employ a cleaning manager who equip the home with everything it needs for your team to clean.


The A Class have heard rumours that public transportation exists, but under no circumstance have they ever used it, or knows how it works.In fact, the A Class couldn't distinguish a bus from a metro, if it hit them.


The A Class don't know what tap water tastes like. But why stop there? Chance are they don't know what simple water tastes like as the closest thing they come to drinking it is when it carbonated and imported from Paris.


The A class will not, under any circumstances, be seen shopping at Sxy's. Maybe if they added an 'e' to the name, and marked up all their clothing by a 1000%... otherwise anything bought there will diminish there stature in society. This plays into the larger mentality of if the masses can afford it than the A Class can't afford to be seen in it.


Look in your wallet right now. Is there a bill less than 200LE? If yes, then sorry my friend, you are not part of the A Class. The A Class will never carry anything smaller than a 200$, so avoid the embarrassment of asking them to break your hundred pound bill.


The A Class like to believe that they are smarter than the rest of us, because they went to foreign schools. Despite their education, the A Class has no clue what is locally happening in Egyptian news. Sure, they have heard there is a Sawra, but that's about it. The only news the A Class typically knows about is when Cairo Zoom releases a new album. Incidentally, if you are not on Cairo Zoom then you aren't A Class. However don't be fooled: if you do find yourself on Cairo Zoom, it is NOT a guarantee that you are A Class. The only way to tell is if the person in the photo is trying too hard to find a sexy pose. The A Class know they are fabulous, and don't need to pose,; their designer accessories are proof enough.


And it goes without saying, if you're not taking a selfie with it, you're just not A Class.