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Baby Posh

This festive season, skip out on the crowds and browse the biggest selection of kids gifts on Baby Posh's website, ahead of their flagship store launch in Galleria40 next month.

Ahh Christmas. A time of good cheer and gifts. Except gifts are a double edged sword – while you get to enjoy the delicious joy of unwrapping your own, you also have to suffer through the horror of buying them for other people. And we do not use the term horror lightly. You’re invited over for a Christmas party and you want to buy your friend’s little brats angels some adorable kid stuff. In fact, you also want to buy your nieces and nephews stuff; you really want to be that awesome aunt/uncle. Like, really. WHERE DOES ONE FIND KID'S THINGS? Even if you happen to know which stores to shop from, oh god, the horror of surviving Cairo traffic, slogging through two hours of bumper-to-bumper streets just so you can stop at one store, just to discover that there’s nothing good there. And then of course, it’s the holiday season, so every store is packed with shoppers just like you, and it’s crowded and miserable and rapidly turns into a battle to the death for the last Frozen doll. Which you lose. And then you go home and give up all hope of ever buying gifts and curl up under your tree and cry.  

Well, we’ve just found the perfect site that will help you avoid all of the above, Baby Posh. This brilliant online retailer is a kiddie wonderland – no really. They have everything a child could ever need or want, and their site is downright adorable and SO WELL ORGANISED. It really streamlines your Christmas shopping. It’s divided up into sections like one for toys, one for clothes, one for actual baby gear (that’s more for your friend than their kid).

Forget presents, if you have or are having a kid, this site is your new best friend, with everything from Transformer robots to car seats to portable potties. Really, everything you could ever need for a child is available with a few clicks of a button. Baby Posh carries local stuff, specially selected international brands, and everything in between. And by the end of this year, they’ll be opening in 6th October’s Galleria40, so you can do brunch and a spot of shopping in peace, NOT with thirty thousand other Christmas shoppers.

You can check out their Facebook page here, or head directly to their website here