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Back to the Future: Egypt Edition

The future is literally here, but it's nothing like Marty McFly and Doc predicted. We re-imagine their journey if they had landed in Egypt instead...

Today, Wednesday, Oct 21st, 2015 is the actual day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown descended upon Hill Valley, California in the DeLorean time machine. And if you want to get real nerdy about it, the precise time that this happened is 4:29 PM. The future is literally here! Except this time, we're re-imagining it in Egypt and how their life would've turned out if Marty and Doc were transported into Egypt 2015 instead. 

Instead of running away from Biff Tannen on a hoverboard that he stole from someone, Marty will not be stealing anything here, in fact he will be on a Toktok, and will probably get ripped off by the driver and pay $50 for a LE 5 ride. 

Marty's mother will call him Coto Nil instead of Calvin Klein. "Ya wad ya Coto ta3ala hena!" 

Nope, technologies that turn itsy bitsy tiny pizzas does not exist here or anywhere in the world. Marty will probably order ma7shi and mombar from Abou Shakra.
In the movies, Marty had tons of fuel supply for the DeLorean by using garbage. Here in Egypt, he'll have endless fuel supply because LITTERING EVERYWHERE!
We won't have an Emmett Lathrop Brown, aka Doc and the inventor of the first time machine which he builds out of a DeLorean sports car. Instead, the Aids-Kofta guy will be our Doc thanks to his breakthrough inventions and cures. 

Einstein will never work in Egypt and the dog and his name will be mercilessly bullied, from "ayneshtain to inestines" and more. That's why we'll call him Roy...or Max, two of Egyptians' favourite dog names ever.
Let's be real, Back to the Future would never EVER work here. In order for the DeLorean to actually work, the car needs to be on 80 miles per hour speed and to be struck by lightning which *cough* LOLOLOLOLOL *cough* will never happen because he'll be stuck on the Ring Road and the chances of Egypt ever having a thunder storm is less than Bassem Youssef coming back on TV. Bottom line, Marty McFly would be doomed if he ever landed in Egypt... 


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