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Best Egyptian Mix CDs

We Egyptians have a knack for tack, and our music industry is no different. We went shopping for the funniest and most absurd music compilations you can buy at a koshk near you...

The other week, as we were driving up to Sahel, we made the routine staple stop at Master. As we walked towards the bathroom way in the back, we came across a bookstore that no one had entered since 1992, and then, more importantly, a music shop. Displayed in the window were a series of real gems, precious pieces we had shamefully overlooked for the majority of our natural born life, that would forever transform our lives: Egyptian mix CDs. We came to the conclusion that these must be the best CD covers in the entire history of existence and to not share them would be selfish and unkind. It is now our sole mission in life to compile a collection of these wondrous gems (we did a little koshk tour to find more). Here are out top finds, and hopefully, we will discover more on the long journey of Egyptian life…


افراح كلاس

The Real Shaabi Deal 

 رومانسيات... بحبك أخر حاجة

Best of Romantic

Sisi da ra2eesy