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Cairo University Offers Discounts to Students Who Spread Literacy

As part of a push across Egypt's universities to eliminate adult illiteracy, Cairo University will cut tuition fees by 25% for any student who tutors ten people on how to read and write.

Cairo University announced that it will reduce tuition fees by 25% for any student who tutors ten other individuals on how to read and write.

This decision is part of a national trend among Egypt’s prominent educational institutions to fight illiteracy throughout society. Ain Shams University recently won the UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy 2021 for its online literacy program targeting rural areas. Earlier this year, Sohag University signed a protocol of cooperation with the Adult Education Authority to teach one million Sohag residents how to read and write, mandating every non-STEM student at the university to tutor at least eight other students.

The announcement was made during the Cairo University Council’s monthly session, where they also approved the construction of two new buildings, and the development of a new college for artificial intelligence and robotic applications.