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CairoZoom are Ditching their Cameras this Eid and Hitting Egypt's Hottest Parties with Huawei P9

Cairo's most notorious photo gang is setting off on a peculiar mission. This Eid, the infamous photographers will be everywhere - except they're leaving their cameras behind...

After taking the summer season by storm and literally stealing the spotlight from Sahel's sexiest, the crazy CairoZoom crew - who is EVERYWHERE, capturing your every move - is changing tactics this Eid. The moment capturers, who are on hand to snap every wild second of your antics, are trying something a little different this party season... Because they're rebels like that.

See, the thing is, CairoZoom is kind of like the Batman of the situation; masked with their mammoth zoom lenses and twisting flashes. They see you; you don't see them. Their clunky cameras define them. Not anymore. This season, they're ditching their weighty equipment, abandoning their chunky lenses and heavy paraphernalia, and taking a much, much, sleeker companion with them to snap every magical moment that will be going down this Eid break; the Huawei P9 phone. 

The phone is the very epitome of cutting edge photographic technology. It has a double lens - which essentially means it has not one, but two cameras! And much like heads, two lenses are better than one. The camera is actually co-engineered by Leica - one of the world's most illustrious camera manufacturers - and you can use the lenses separately or merge them according to the type of image you want to capture, giving you significantly more options when it comes to how you want your image to look. Between that and the myriad settings available for photographers to play around with, final images are not only incredibly sharp and high res, but are actually almost exactly what you could pull off with a professional camera or DSLR. 

Recognising that they could probably nail their photographic wizardry with one streamlined high-tech toy instead of a giant camera that gives them back pain, the CairoZoomers decided to ditch the latter for the former and will be using Huawei's P9 to capture the magic, the mayhem, and the madness that will be going down at Egypt's most vibrant venues this Eid.

The infamous Piko, Eslam Siso, Johnny Zikry, Emad Torad, Jan Selim, and Shahira will be hitting the hotspots, armed with their hot tech toys, to craft visuals as sensational as a professional DSLR. Look out for the crew - who will be decked out in Zoom outfits - as they hit up Ocean Beats in Gouna and Le Pacha Sahl Hasheesh, both on September 12th. The power gang will also descend upon Nancy Ajram’s performance on September 13th at Stella Di Mare. Egypt's favourite paparazzi will then be putting their touch on Mangroovy’s jam-packed evening with DJ Safi and Mizo on percussion, Sharmoofers and Disco Misr on Tuesday 13th.

And if you’re anything like us and you love to basically stalk everyone on the Instasphere, you’ll want to stay glued to your phone just to see them documenting their own sorcery. This Eid, all the beachside frolics, the nocturnal antics, the hottest parties, the hippest socialites - they will all be captured with Huawei's sleek, slick P9.

You can follow all the craziness on @huaweimobileeg and @thecairozoom.