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Cross Egypt Challenge Celebrates 5th Anniversary With The Best Rally Yet!

It's time for a real adventure in Egypt! Join the Cross Egypt Challenge on its fifth anniversary and have an unparalleled experience in our beautiful country.

Exploring Egypt and its historical treasures seems like an endless endeavour. Very few Egyptians have had the opportunity to properly discover the beauty of their own nation. Giving Egyptians and tourists alike the chance to take in a variety of awe-inspiring sites in only nine days, we present none other than the beloved Cross Egypt Challenge.


Returning for its fifth anniversary, the Cross Egypt Challenge continues to exponentially grow from its 2011 inception, and will be organising, once again, a series of cross-country endurance motorcycle and scooter rallies across the mystical Om el Donia. Launching the 2015 season on October 23rd, the Cross Egypt Challenge will span nine days and cover 2,725 km starting from the beautifully blue Mediterranean Sea of Alexandria, passing by Egypt's capital, Cairo, continuing on to the Red Sea resort cities of Sokhna, Sahl Hashish and Marsa Alam. The rally will also cross both the Eastern and Western deserts to reach the grand ancient city of Luxor, visiting the world's largest open air museum city, before heading North through Kharga, Dakhla and Bahariya oases and finally reaching the most fitting of Egyptian finish lines, the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Continuing to grow with each passing year, The Cross Egypt Challenge managed to attract riders from over 20 different countries last year including the Sultan of Selfies Alex Chacon, who documented the trip in a breathtaking video that should entice anyone to participate.

If you are interested then time is of the essence. Over 100 applications have already been sent in from all over the world, and registration is set to close in early September. Keep in mind that the registration process takes a bit of time to complete, so its best to get on it now, before finding that you missed your opportunity to share in one of the most memorable adventures not only in Egypt, but around the globe.

For more information and the application form, please visit their website.