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π-Day: Places in Cairo to Get Pie From All Over the World

π-Day might be about the infinite number, but it's also about infinite variations of pie that exist. Here's how you can celebrate today...

Pi Day is upon us. March 14, also known as 3.14159265359, also known as π-Day, is the day that invites all people around to indulge in their favourite pie. However, the word 'pie' means many different things  around the world. Whatever version of “pie” you are looking for, we found it for you in Cairo.

Zack’s, Rehab Mall

In the USA, ordering a piece of pie will get you the equivalent of Zack’s delicious Banoffee and Pecan Pie. This pie is sweet, filled with banana and toffees or succulent pieces of pecan nuts. Zack knows his pies…

Yum, Maadi

In the UK, on the other hand, a pie is a pastry with a hearty core. Chicken and mushroom pies like they have them back in Britain meet the Egyptian answer to a Cornish Pasty in the form of the Foul and Tahina Pie. Fitting to the day, Yum will have a stand at the Vintage Market in Zamalek Fish Gardens on Pi Day.

Cold Stone Creamery

Apple Pie doesn’t have to be a piece of cake. Cold Stone gets you ice cream that melts in your mouth more so than any piece of pie. The Apple Pie á la Cold Stone can also be served in a fresh waffle, making this a double trouble treat.

Molto Bene Pizza, Heliopolis 

Even the Italians love some good old pie. Molto Pene Pizza in Heliopolis has a variety, including the usual suspects, chocolate and apple. However, their special treat is the Molto Pie which is a sweet pie filled with peanut butter and jelly, combining pie and PB&J. What a flash of genius…

Dina Cantina, Sky Mall New Cairo 

There’s other places, such as Dina Cantina, who just make cupcakes and cookies, but want to jump on the pie wagon. The delicious cupcake icings and cookies are pie flavoured in a huge assortment of flavors.  


When it’s just about getting a piece of Apple Pie, TBS is never far. The fresh out the oven apple tarts are so yummy, someone once suggested in a popular 90s movie they feel like a… we better stop there!

In Season, Zamalek 

We know, we know, pies are bad for you. If you are on a diet on Pi Day you don’t have to miss out. InSeason brings you Greek Yogurt with Apple Pie flavour, making your taste buds and your beach body happy.