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Debate Egypt's Problems In Your Free Time

There's this absurd mystical appeal to getting into an argument with a bunch of strangers; an odd sense of deep satisfaction that only comes when you've owned someone online, and now thanks to this Instagram account, you need not wait…

We absolutely love a good old argument don't we?! Whether it's the masses of pedestrians swarming to give their two cents as a witness to a traffic accident, or debating whether Abu Treika is better than Ronaldo at a cafe, or the place of veils in nightlife, righteousness is just in our blood. No matter our background, education or depth of knowledge, we seem to always be right about everything.

And now, when you have a few spare minutes, you can prove just how right you are about everything and battle it our with the public on @EgyptDebate; a nifty Instagram account that posts simple questions for you to answer, with the subjects ranging from politics to fashion and everything in between...