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Did You Know You Can Get Your Hands on the World’s Strongest Coffee in Egypt?

Death Wish Coffee is supposedly the world's strongest coffee and is 200% stronger than regular coffee.

Where do we begin on this one? If you’re up at 3 AM reading this, chances are you’re going to get through tomorrow by ingesting all of the coffee you can get your hands on. Same, man... same here. But have no fear, because you can actually get Death Wish Coffee – supposedly the world’s strongest coffee – right here in Egypt. Even though Death Wish Coffee has been around for several years, it has only recently been making headlines. We’re not sure if this is for the right or wrong reasons, but we know our lives have changed forever.

In case you freaked out, it’s called Death Wish Coffee because if you have too much of it, there is a chance that you can die from heart palpitations or Arrhythmia - basically the same as any other drug abuse. Each 12 fl. oz of Death Wish (or a medium-size cup from any café) contains around 660 mg of caffeine. Now, the average healthy caffeine intake for adults is around 400 mg per day according to the US' Food and Drug Administration. This amounts to about four cups of regular coffee per day or one Starbucks Venti cup of coffee, making Death Wish 200% stronger than regular coffee. Can you see why too much of it will probably kill you?

We’ve addressed the dangers. So now we would like to take a second to firstly breathe, secondly to recuperate, and thirdly to squeal with excitement because our uncontrollable yawning and constant fatigue state during that very important meeting can be cured by just one cup of Death Wish Coffee. Or imagine all of the movies we can watch through the night and STILL make it to work the next day in full focus. The limit to what we can do with this does not exist. However, there have been rumours of a new brand of coffee hitting the market soon that’s even stronger than this one. How is that even possible?

Price wise, for a 250-gram pack it costs EGP 135. You can order it directly from the Death Wish Coffee Egypt Facebook page or you can visit their store in walking distance from Naguib metro station. They also have an assortment of merchandise associated with the brand.

And now we leave you with a whole bunch of awesome coffee GIFs.

Check out Death Wish Coffee Egypt's Facebook page.
Main photo: Death Wish Coffee.