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Do You Want To Be FAMOUS?

There's a new trend, transforming male Egyptian teens. We look into what it means to be 'Famous'.

Every once and a while a new trend will pop up on the streets of Egypt; a smorgasborg of local cultural expression and confused western perception. We stumbled upon what is perhaps the strangest trend of them all, that has recently converted many an Egyptian male youth. 'FAMOUS', pronounced Fay-mos, people and pages have popped up right left and centre. There's Famous and Model's People, Famous (Ahmed Mando), Famous Mahraganaat, Famous Egypt... there's even pages dedicated to the Famous of certain districts; Famous of Basetein, Maadi and Dar El Salam, Famous of Helwan and 15th May, Famous of Shobra and Famous of Giza, among many others.

We've recently been doing some research as to what Famous is all about so you too may become Famous, and here's what we've got so far:

Aside from alluding to the idea of what fame to the average Egyptian manboy might look like, what it is exactly they are attempting to be famous for is not quite clear, but they're reaching for the stars... with their hair. One clear trait of the Famous is their hairstyles: short back and sides and a long pylon on top, like The Fresh Prince 3amal seshwaar.

Although this style isn't a must, as long as you kind of look like you belong on an American reality show about camp hairdressers you can get away with being Famous.

Dark shades are a must, even in Winter...

You must pose for photos with Zoolander's Blue Steel look, fashioning an outfit somewhere between a Backstreet Boy and a 1990s Gap advert.

You do all your thinking on train tracks...

You should have mad photoshopping skills...

These photoshopping skills can be used to put yourself in high-street shop ads...


There you have it, and now you too can be FAMOUS. Oh and this guy..