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Eastwind Just Opened a New Dog Gym For Exercise and Doggy Networking

No pussies allowed!

If you're a vampire, or a shut in, and you don't want to leave your house, but you still want to have a healthy happy dog without any of the outdoor responsibilities that come with it - like walking them, for instance, ugh, we've got good news for you! Eastwind Training Centre just launched a new dog gym in 6th of October and is hoping to help dogs enjoy the company of like-minded furry friends and, in the process, help them lose weight with much needed exercise.  

They also help you discipline your dog, you know, if you don't have the stomach for those puppy eyes, their website states their training is "a way to effectively communicate to your dog what is expected of him and to prevent unwanted behaviour. Training helps build a lasting relationship and strengthen the bond you share with your dog."

The idea isn't barking mad at all! City life can get pretty isolated, especially for dogs. If you are busy at work, and are always too tired to take your dog out for a walk then your doggie is probably pretty lonely. Like, you’re upset when you don’t have a social life, don’t you? 

Okay, we were trying to be nice, but your dog e-mailed us and told us he's sick of you! He's sick of your baby talk, he's tired of you pulling his tail, he hates that you leave him alone, and all he wants, for just a few hours, is to hang with his dawgs at the park. So help a dawg out, and let him hang out with his friends!

Check out Eastwing Training Centre on Facebook here.