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Eating at Mince Burger This Thursday Means Giving Back to Egyptian Children

Yes, you can eat big, juicy, tasty burgers while simultaneously not feeling guilty AT ALL!

You were going to go out this Thursday anyway – very possibly on a date where your significant other will witness you gobble up a whole plate by yourself and be disappointed at your no-sharing Joey Tribbiani rules. But, to show your good intentions – and that you're someone who definitely shares – hit up Mince. Why? Other than the fact that their menu can serve as a decree for our tastebuds' rights and privileges, they've collaborated with our mama company MO4 Network's #MO4Good and are donating 10 percent of their proceeds from all locations on Thursday, December 1st.

To whom, you ask? To ORCAS, a marketplace for tutors and babysitters, who will be selecting and funding tutors aged 18-25 on financial literacy and work readiness. After that, the tutors will be trained by Injaz Egypt and commissioned to teach these valuable principles to children in 1st and 2nd year preparatory grades in public schools.Now, if that ain't sharing, what is? So load up your plates and remember that, with every bite, you're helping employ a youth in the education field, and you're granting some pretty genius-in-the-making kids some seriously useful tools and knowledge – and an awesome day at school. Mark your calendars, ask your crush out, go out with a friend and talk about how stupid guys are – it's all in the name of some charitable fun!

Check out MO4 Network's #MO4Good, and Mince's, Orcas' and Injaz Egypt's Facebook pages for more information and details.