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Egypt's First Pole Fitness Camp Brings International Stars to Soma Bay

Pack your bags and head to the Caribbean World Resort in Soma Bay because this camp is begging to be on your 2017 summer bucket list.

Your friends are probably blowing up your phone, asking when you're coming to the beach. Except you're bored of the same old summer routine. Well, we've got you boo! Because the hottest sport this summer is making strides with international pole fitness superstars Joana Silva and Vlada. Recently, pole fitness has shown itself to be one of the most unique, growing trends to hit the sports scene in Egypt, ready to make you a trendsetter.

The entrepreneur behind Egypt's first pole studio, Manar El Mokkadam, is now taking it one step further by co-organising the country's first summer pole camp, bringing together Egypt’s Pole Association, The Spin, and her own PoleFit Egypt, as they head off to the Caribbean World Resort in Soma Bay from July 20th to 23rd this summer. Pole vacation, anyone?

El Mokkadam, founder of Pole Fit Egypt - and one of CairoScene's 25 under 25 entrepreneurs of 2016, tells us the camp will be featuring international and top tier competitors in the industry, international major names such as Dubai-based Vlada and Joana Silva. She also adds that the camp will be inclusive, inviting both beginners with no experience at all as well as those more advanced to take part in customised programs depending on their levels of experience.  

The pole camp, set on an undiscovered 1km of beach with the crystal clear waters of Egypt's Red Sea, is meant to "grow and bring together the pole community in Egypt," says El Mokkadam, also known as Mint.

According to the entrepreneur, four main things make this camp a unique and enriching experience. “Firstly, the camp is in the heart of the world, so it’s not hard to get here from Europe or Africa. Secondly, prices are completely affordable compared to other camps around the globe. Thirdly, we are not solely focusing on training but instead, we’re making it a fun and social experience with beach photo shoots, a private island excursion, barbecue and pool party, and an emphasis on enjoying training. Lastly, we’re in the Middle East!” Mokkadam tells us.  

For the women interested, you'd be glad to know that this camp is exclusive to ladies and you can wear all your special pole fitness attire whilst participating. “We have various fun veiled instructors and we invite women of all backgrounds and religions, giving them an opportunity to be exposed to top level professionals in this industry,” the entrepreneur says.

Okay, we have to go now. We have some Pole Camp signing up to do.

For more information or to register to the camp, click here