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Egyptian Barbershop 'Good Barbers' Now Capture Your Child's First Haircut in the Cutest Way Ever

Good Barbers give memory hoarding parents the momentous opportunity to document the very first time their precious child gets a hair cut. And the cuteness levels are just off the charts.

Ah, the sweet smell of a baby’s head (we know you’ve sniffed the head of a baby and gotten a fuzzy feeling of satisfaction on the inside; don’t bother denying it). Now imagine being able to preserve that smell forever! Well, we don’t think that’s humanly possible… But helping us remember the similar precious joys of our child’s firsts is Good Barbers.

Good Barbers, a gentleman’s grooming salon, has just introduced a new service for all memory hoarding parents – the ones who note down the first time their child smiled, giggled, sneezed, or farted - to preserve the first time their baby has a haircut. “It’s a special moment that should be highlighted,” tells Malak El Ezzawy, designer, super-mum, and co-founder of Good Barbers.

The salon will carefully cut your child’s hair and then give you a nifty hand-crafted ‘certificate’, attaching a Polaroid picture of your baby looking confused as hell (but you love it), the first lock of their hair in a little bag, and documentation of the date and place where the haircut took place. “My son’s very first haircut was the first haircut to take place at Good Barbers,” recalls El Ezzawy, “So we want to make it memorable for other people as well.”

So when your child enters the terrifying time that is their terrible teens, you can look back to the certificate and remember just how cute they once were while they sat angelically getting their hair cut, and remember why you shouldn't hate them. 

Good Barbers was founded by El Ezzawy and her husband Hashem Sabry. They specialise in men’s grooming services from basic haircuts and beard trimming all the way to facials and ear flaming.

Address: 1 Mohamed Mazhar Street, Zamalek.
Contact: 0 121 000 0533

You can check out Good Barbers on Instagram.