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Egyptians Expected to Live Three Years Longer

A new report issued by CAPMAS sees an impressive increase in life expectancy for both men and women in Egypt.

Egyptians woke up this morning to the reassuring news that they can expect to live three years longer than they could before the revolution.

According to a report issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS), Egyptian life expectancy has increased by three years since 2006. In that time the report revealed that the survival ratio for have increased from 66.5 to 69.7 years for males, while increasing from 69.1 – 72.5 years of age for females.

It seems hard to believe that in post-revolution turmoil our life expectancy seems to have risen. The report suggests that the improvement is a direct result of health services being upgraded. According to a report released in 2012, the number of elderly care institutions increased by 26.4% in just one year.

Aside from health services, the increase also correlates to lifestyle changes especially among the elderly smokers. The percentage of smokers among the elderly decreased from 16.5% in 2010/2011 to 15.2% in 2012/2013, which is the first sign of the trend reversing, as traditionally the numbers of smokers in Egypt tend to increase from year to year.

If these numbers prove to be accurate than the elderly are expected to increase to 11.5% of Egypt's total population by 2031.