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Egyptian Becomes First Woman Ever to Complete the Sinai Trail

A major milestone only one year of its initiation!

Award-winning tourism project Sinai Trail (Darb Sina) has reached yet another milestone, only one year after its initiation.

On November 27th, Asmaa Amr Alawii became the first person ever to complete the 200 km hike from Mount Catherine to the Gulf of Aqaba!The Sinai Trail was launched not only to promote tourism in Egypt, but also to support the local Bedouin community and give modern day hikers access to the historical routes once used for trade, travel, and pilgrimage, for a rewarding experience where they have the opportunity to traverse some of the Middle East's most iconic deserts. Run by members of the local community, the Sinai Trail won the Tourism Awards' 'Wider World' category as part of the prestigious British Guild and Travel Writers' (BGTW) Awards earlier this year.

Photos courtesy of the Sinai Trail.