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Ehna f Dahrak is the Social Hashtag Helping Egyptians Abroad

This social hashtag is helping Egyptians who are stuck abroad on account of the travel ban by getting them access to tourism agents, a place to stay and a way to borrow money.


Keeping it wholesome in the age of Corona, Bahaa Farouk, admin of Travel Secrets Club - the biggest Egyptian Facebook travel community with over 1.8 million members - has launched a hashtag campaign #إحنا في ظهرك (“We’re behind you”) which aims to help Egyptians who have found themselves stuck abroad because of the travel ban.

Farouk encouraged any group member with  an inquiry about the cancellation of flights or who’s currently stuck in a foreign country to seek help from other group members by posting about their issues. He also urged anyone who can’t find a place to stay or who have run out of money while on vacation to speak up as well, and for other group members to do whatever they can to help out.

Group members living abroad have been reaching out to people who are stuck near them and connecting them with group members in the same area. During these trying times, it’s moments like these - moments where a community truly comes together and looks out for one another - that shows us what we're really made of.

 #إحنا في ظهرك