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El Gouna Fashion Spring

Beautiful models + drinks + music + fashion + sun = more fun than you can sashay down the runway. What more could you want? Find out more about the massive event in Gouna this weekend...

It seems that ever since the beautiful Red Sea resort of El Gouna started hosting the even more beautiful Top 50 Models of the world last year, a gaggle of Egyptian guys share, like and conspire a fantastical migration where they may end up meeting and, depending on level of delusion, hooking up with said beauties.

You're waiting in the hotel reception to check in, something gleams in your peripherals, it's a sash with USA printed on it, in bold letters. You try to act cool but you can't help but subtly shift your position to check her out. She suddenly returns your gaze with a special smile. You turn away quickly. This is your chance, get in there, son! You already start fantasising about your holiday spring fling with her before Miss Colombia strides out of the bathroom, she winks at you, grabs Miss USA and then they leave together, giggling and smacking each others bums.

Later on, it's the El Gouna VIP Fashion Spring event in the Abu Tig Marina and you're there to party it up and watch the final coronation of the Top 50 Models. You're in the front row as USA wins the crown, she celebrates by running over to you and smaking a big kiss on your lips before whisking you away...

No. Just no. Snap out of it. None of this is ever going to happen, you're daydreaming. But that doesn't mean you still won't have one hell of a time because whether you ever manage to get with a Miss World or not, beautiful models + drinks + music + fashion + sun = more fun than you can sashay down the runway.

The event in Abu Tig Marina, kicks off at 7PM on 11th April with a very exclusive guest-list as one of the Top 50 Models will be crowned best modalzz in the universe.

Passes for the event are available at all El Gouna hotels or contact 010 2324 1689.

Find out more about what's happening in El Gouna this Spring on the official fanpage here.