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Essie is Awesome

The nail polish of the stars, the one and only Essie, has finally landed in Egypt. We headed on over to their launch party held at none other than The Lemon Tree & Co for cocktails and colours in the sun...

Sometimes, as "press" we get invited to events. Usually, it’s a fight to the death between all the members of our office, everyone not wanting to go, screaming out about how they went last week, and how "IT'S YOUR BLOODY TURN CONOR!" This was totally not the case with Essie's awesome Cairo launch, held at The Lemon Tree & Co. yesterday, which is possibly our very favourite spot in the city right now. The event started at 11AM so naturally, we were all eager to ditch work and spend the day at the sun-soaked spot, munching our way through the day and getting our nails done. We were there at 11 sharp and the place was just starting to fill up. Little Essie polish bottles were set up in stands all over the cute boho place, and we had to control our inner klepto not to grab a handful and stuff them in our purses. There were cutouts of oversized Essie bottles on the wooden posts strewn across the place, letting us know the favourite hue of many a Hollywood celebrity (FYI Angelina likes their Mademoiselle shade, in case you were wondering about the nail colour she was wearing when she adopted her basketball team of children).  

We sat down on the plush couches and the question on everyone's minds was: Is it open bar? Where is the vodka and when can we start drinking? And to our great joy, it was! In fact, set up at the bar was a mini chalkboard listing four of the most popular Essie nail hues, with the four little bottles lined up like colourful soldiers in front of it, and the bar was serving up cocktails to match the nail polish. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING CUTER IN YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE? It was like two heavens in the form of nail polish and alcohol, collided to make one wonderful uber-heaven. So naturally, being the casual alcoholics that we are, we ordered all four of them and proceeded to tipsily sip our way through the morning.

There were little booths set up as well where professional manicurists were painting the nails of all the stylish attendees. And yes, it was one hell of a stylish event, with everyone decked out in funky colourful cocktail attire. Obviously, we had our nails done, and all of Essie's polishes are, rather than being numbered, named with cute creative titles like 'After Sex' and 'Bachelorette Bash'. As far as days go, it was a fairly awesome one, spent gabbing with all the people there, getting the royal nail treatment, and munching on the platters of appetizers the waiters were milling around with.

A short presentation gave us a little insight on Essie. Fun fact #1: The brand is actually named after its creator, Essie Weingarten. Anyway, the brand will now officially be available in Egypt but only in professional outlets like hair salons and nail bars (so no, you cannot head over to Seoudi and buy your Essie polish). Basically every stylist and starlet in Hollywood uses Essie so you should consider yourself lucky. Fun fact #2: A bottle of Essie nail polish is sold every second. These are statistics guys. The nail brand has every colour under the sun, from your classic hues to your funky summer colours and everything in between, so basically there's a shade to match every single outfit you have in your closet. The colours being launched in Egypt are the brand's top 100 best performing polishes, but there'll be more to come.

The round off our day we had a fun live performance from The Cocktails and left with some awesome Essie goodie bags! 

You can follow Essie on Instagram @essieegypt.