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Everyone is Dropping the O's from Their Names... And Here’s Why

And it's not just the 'O'. Pushing Egypt to join the globally sweeping #MissingType campaign for a cause, we've decided to drop some letters...

No, we haven’t just re-branded; we’re just Egypt’s first brand to join a global campaign to re-think what the world would be like without types A, B and O. You got it? Yes, blood types.     

The #MissingType global campaign has taken the social media world by storm, as some of the world’s biggest brands, from Google to Microsoft, dropped their A's, B's, and O's leaving it up for people to fill in the gaps. The campaign, launched by NHS Blood and Transplant and London-based PR agency Engine Group, has not only seen companies such as Cadbury and Hootsuite getting involved, but also iconic cities like Toronto and Amsterdam who transformed some of their landmarks to encourage people to donate blood.

In Egypt, a staggering one percent of the population donate blood despite the ongoing blood supply shortage, despite there being several donation services, including non-profit organisations who take to tech and social media to foster and facilitate the process, such as Law 3Andak Dam or Bloodegy.

The campaign, which took off on August 16th, runs across 21 countries, and CairoScene has just added the 22nd one.