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Fitchen: Healthy Eating Made Delicious

Too many times your nutritionist has come to you with a plan to guilt you into going for some bland, tasteless meal plan. Too many times you have wanted to respond by punching him/her in the face. Well, now, thanks to Fitchen, those days are no more.

There are way too many diets in the world, and strangely enough most people aren’t having the easiest time being on one. In fact, when one announces that they’re on a diet you’re obligated to give them an “awww” and some form condolences for their sufferings. Well, we found a new system of healthy eating that’s not only delightfully delicious and affordable, it also delivers right to your door: Fitchen, customizable gourmet cuisine to fit your needs and preferences. You don’t have to go out and buy a food scale because they’ll do everything from measuring your portions to cooking your food with the healthiest ingredients. We sat down with one of the founders, Alsharif Alhassan, to get him to spill the beans on this fabulous system! 

Where did you get the idea for Fitchen?

4 years ago, during my training camp with The Water Polo National team of Egypt I sustained an injury to my right knee that put me in bed for almost 6 months. I did not pay attention to my diet during that time, and gained so much weight. I went from 90 kg to 117 kg in a year and a half.

After I recovered, I decided to work on my body, but there was always one obstacle that I faced, the boredom of diets! I did a lot of research, reading and much more only to discover that there are so many ways you can be on a diet, and still eat delicious and healthy food. That’s what helped.

People noticed the change and started asking “How did you do it?” I began giving my girlfriend, and neighbors cooking tips on how to turn the ugly traditional boring diet food to tasty, juicy, delicious and still healthy food. That’s how I got the idea to start a place that would deliver such a luxury.

How did it all start?

Ahmed Mansour (Co-Founder) and I had a meeting to discuss the project, and he was very enthusiastic about the idea. We started working on everything, and once we got the approval of several nutritionists on our menus, we launched.

How does it generally work?

Two ways. The ordinary way, just like every other fast food place, you can pick up the phone, choose any item off our menu and we deliver it within 45min. The other way, which is a new initiative in Cairo, is our membership subscription.

What’s the membership subscription?

All you need to do is pass us your meal plan and we handle the rest. We deliver all meals cooked in our own way but within the grams and quantities mentioned in your meal plan. The client also gives us the timings that they require each meal to be delivered, so that they would receive it fresh and hot. Each client has his/her own quotation based on the quantities of food they consume and the number of weeks they are subscribed to.                        

How can you get started?

By contacting us through the phone or email. We pick up your meal plan, we will construct the weekly schedule, and once the client approves it, we start delivering the next day.

What’s the price range?

Our main meals (200g of protein, 100g of carbs and 75g of vegetables) price range are from 60LE to 85LE. But our bundles and membership quotations differs from one person to another based on the quantity of food they consume.

How long does it take to see results?

With the consistency and determination of our clients, the right meal plan, and regular practice of sports, results can be witnessed within the first month.

How long can you, or do you stay on this program?

As long as you can. One of our main goals is raise people’s awareness of the benefits of eating healthy every day. We are trying to change the people’s eating habits, and make them adopt that mentality.

You can find out more about Fitchen on their Facebook page.