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Five Stores at the North Shore Redefining Seaside Style

Where the Sahel scene was once rowdy and raucous, it is now overrun by earthy aesthetics and a languid vibe that we're totally into - here are our favourite stores that encompass that new style.

Last week we published a piece about the ethereal boutique-escapes that have sashayed onto the Sahel scene. There’s a certain nature-inspired earthy aesthetic and lushly languid vibe that’s replaced the raucous rowdiness of previous North Coast summers. Well, it seems the sleek simplicity has seeped into the seaside style scene with a number of lush lifestyle destinations carefully curating the most gorgeous local, regional and international summer collections. Here are our favourite Sahel stores of the summer…

CAN LIMÓN – Zoya Ghazala Bay // @canlimonstore

Languid linens, earthy home accessories, natural ceramics and Pinterest-worthy pieces pepper this dreamy space curated by the famed lifestyle duo behind The Lemon Tree & Co.

COMME IL FAUT – Mazeej Hotel Hacienda White // @shopcommeilfaut

A cool contemporary concept store featuring a fresh selection of local and regional fashion and homeware brands including Dina Shaker, Alia Abaza, Mounaya Gallery, Temraza and more.

VILLA BABOUSHKA – Marassi Design Hub // @villababoushka

Visionary Amir Fayo takes his Villa Baboushka brand to the beach imbuing it with the same sass and spirit of the Capital Business Park flagship store. The carefully curated pieces (from stunning swimsuits to sensual summer dresses) hail from some of the world’s coolest designers. Fayo, as always, serves us a lesson in masterful fashion buying. You’ll want one of every fabulous thing.

BAMBAH – Marassi Clubhouse // @bambah

Famed Dubai-based designer and regional celebrity favourite Bambah makes her Sahel debut with a picture-perfect pop-up store featuring her beautiful beachside collection.

FUFA – Diplo 3 // @shopfufa

Simple, sweet, fresh and fun. The Fufa brand finds its ideal home in Sahel with an eponymous white-bricked store that’s resplendently rustic and features all your favourite pieces including those fab flowy summer dresses we recently featured.