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Foreign Couples Can Now Rent Out Hall for Civil Union Ceremony

Instead of simply signing some papers to secure a civil union, foreigners in Egypt will have the option to rent out a small hall for EGP 2,000, and invite up to 10 guests to the ceremony.

Normally, foreigners in Egypt could only wed through a civil union. This entails a visit to the Real Estate Registration and Documentation Department in Downtown Cairo, where they would sign their papers in-office, and be on their merry, newly-wedded way. Now, a new hall is opening up in the Ministry of Justice that will allow foreign passport holders to secure their civil union in a small ceremony that their loved ones can attend.


The new hall can only accommodate 10 guests, but we’d still argue that it’s better to celebrate with just a few of your closest friends and family than with a state employee at a desk, wouldn’t you agree?


Renting out the hall in the Lazoghli headquarters will set you EGP 2,000 short, which is quite the bargain all things considered. Small ceremonies are cuter anyways. All you need to tie the knot is an identification certificate from your embassy, health documents, and five personal photos.