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Found in Every Egyptian House

Whether it's a NewGiza penthouse or a family flat in Shobra, here are 15 things you'll find in every Egyptian household...

Rococo furniture, it ain't a salon if it ain't gold...

That old blanket which follows you around every single house you live in. No matter what part of Egypt you're in or even what country you're in, your mother insists it's the only thing that'll keep you warm, even after it starts to smell and fall apart.

A disproportionate amount of spoons to knives and forks.

Mercurochrome, that red-orange antiseptic that makes you look like your bleeding further.

T-shirts ripped up and used as a cleaning cloth.

C-retard vitimans. You giggle every time.

Nope, no cookies in there, just sewing gear. Fooled again...

Neesh. There is nothing of any value inside.

Pyrosol. Stop mosquito bites AND suffocate half to death...

An unnecessary amount of remote controls. None of them actually work.

555 Cologne. Is it a perfume? Is it an antiseptic? Is it the worst smelling liquid in the world? It doesn't matter, because it is truly an Egyptian household fixture.

A drawer full of 3D glasses, usually from Galaxy Cinema. Every time you go to the pictures you forget to bring one with you. You always promise yourself you'll remember next time.

That old radio in your kitchen, used by generations of cleaners and chefs to listen to Abdel Halim Hafez.

Just take the plastic off, it's not going to rain.

Every breath you take, every you move you make, Persian rug will be watching you.