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Free Your Curls at S Hair Studio in Maadi

Sarah Abdelrazek is a certified curly hair stylist; when you visit her studio, she takes it upon herself to ensure that you walk out a whole new person.

Curly haired people have had to jump through hoops for years to be accepted by themselves and society, especially when it came to dealing with Eurocentric beauty standards. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to carry your curls proudly. The curly hair community has been steadily growing over the last few years, and S Hair Studio in Maadi is part of that transformation.

When you walk into the studio, you’ll immediately be embraced by the staff’s warm welcome. You’ll then be led into your own private room, where one salon chair with a well lit mirror awaits you. In a corner sit a hair wash space, with shelves scattered with an array of curly hair creams, gels, shampoos and treatments. While your hair mask is on, sitting under the dryer, you’ll be enveloped in a blanket of good music and the serenity of the calming atmosphere in the studio.

Sarah Abdelrazek is a certified curly hair stylist; when you visit her studio, she takes it upon herself to ensure that you walk out a whole new person. 

“A fresh cut should be nothing but a positive experience for a person,” Abdelrazek tells #CairoScene. “When I see the cut and the hair come to life, I see the client come to life as well. I see a change in mood, and a change in how people perceive themselves, even if it’s just a trim.”

The stylist was educated in a Parisian hair school, where she learned about cosmetology, colouring and biology of hair. She noticed that many women don’t understand their hair at all. Her education made her aware of how treatments affect women’s hair, and she took it upon herself to educate them, since no one is doing it.

“I chose to go down this path,” Abdelrazek adds. “So I took some courses and educated myself more and more, to be able to consult others and show them the potential of their hair, whether it be wavy or curly, all while maintaining its health.”

The absolute worst thing one could do to curly hair is straightening or chemically treatment. Coming back from this type of damage is a lengthy and very frustrating process. Your hair simply will not look good for a long time, but with work and care it can. When it comes to curly hair, Abdelrazek advises to take your time in finding what suits you. 

“Try different techniques and find the best for you, in terms of styling, shape, and how it falls on your face,” Abdelrazek says. “It definitely won’t look good in the beginning,but people must know that it gets better, day by day, taking care of it. The better it gets, the less difficult and maintenance it takes for you to take care of it. 

Abdelrazek adds that it’s always good to step out of your comfort zones with new haircuts and shapes for your hair, you’ll see your hair differently and by proxy- yourself. 

For more information and booking, visit @s.hairstudio on Instagram.