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Freeloader Fun Guide: 6 Awesome Things You Can Do in Egypt Without Spending a Pound

Who said money was everything? Here's our guide for an awesome day in Egypt without spending a single penny.

Sure, we frown upon cheap things here in Egypt because they’re for degenerates who chose to be stingy rather than pay. However, some of us clearly don’t care, and we are just doing the things we love, wearing the shoes that make us most comfortable when we’re out dancing and eating what feels right regardless of the price or the name tag attached to a product. So if you fit in with us and want a list of all the cool stuff you can do for free, then this is just for you. F

We’ve put out some examples before as where to go and what to do over your weekend without spending a dime, maybe just transportation if you don't own a car or can't find someone to drive you around (shame on you amateur freeloader, where are your friends?)

Free Meditation Class

 If you live in Cairo, wake up and head over to this daily meditation class first thing in the morning and get your dose of bliss without spending a pound.

 Free Samples

Surely being Zen in the morning leave you a bit hungry by the afternoon, so afterwards we recommend you head to Cairo Festival City Mall or City Stars where you can go sample tasting at Baskin Robbins, New York Fries and any overly eager Asian food outlet.  

Free Work Out

After this meal you will probably need a work out, no? Well, guess what? Gold's Gym or Body Shapers in Zamalek will give you a free day trial before you subscribe, so if you feel like burning the carbs you just ingested, head on to either establishment and pretend you want to try the facility. 

Free Reading

The gym will probably leave you drained and in need of some relaxation time. While you can join a book club or two, there's an easier cheaper less time-consuming option, where you can just grab a book off the shelves at Diwan (make sure you pick one that has a cafeteria) and sit down and read the whole goddamn thing without buying it. And maybe if you turn the charm on someone might buy you a cup of coffee and who knows, maybe even a doughnut.

Free Animal Petting!

When the sun cools down, and if you're feeling good - and we assume you will be feeling great after spending such a nice day without paying a dime - why not head over to ESMA or any other similar animal shelter that accepts volunteers everyday of the week and hang out with some cats and dogs? If there's a better way to spend your day please let us know.

Free Vacations

For the professional free loader who can get a ride outside of Cairo, there are some awesome free trips where you can stay and eat for free, and work a little in return. The list of available jobs are endless: (For organic farm workers) (For international and local opportunities) (For international and local opportunities, such as kite surfing opportunities or Nuweiba3 Camp help here or house sitting in Dahab)