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#GetScene 7 Awesome Instagram Photos This Week

Every Friday we'll be highlighting some of our favourite photos of the week we've seen on Instagram. Check out this week's top pics and use #GetScene for a chance to get featured next week.

Every week (or you know, day, minute, second...whatever, potato, po-tah-to) we spend an inordinate amount of time scrolling through Instagram. Some people play tennis, some people can draw; we can Instagram. People have different hobbies okay, shut up. Ours just happen to include clutching our phone and double tapping on pretty pictures while we eat a tub of ice cream from our immobile state on the couch. So we decided to turn our hobby/part-time job into a weekly list featuring seven awesome photos we came across that week. We scoured high and low to select our top snaps of the week, and from here until forever (or until a new social network comes along) we will continue to select our top photos for the week! If you’d like to be featured, tag us @cairoscene on your photo and hashtag #GetScene.




Her bazooka.

A photo posted by prettygreenbullet (@prettygreenbullet) on



#egypt #cairo #old #islamic #mosque #lamp #ceiling #light

A photo posted by Beesh (@bishoy22) on


@td_crossfit has a new colorful home ! Come train dirty at their cool box in Zamalek !

A photo posted by Tuline El Chourbagui (@tuline_chourbagui) on




A photo posted by AMIRA Xx (@amirajamira) on



مصر الحقيقة التى لا تراها .. #egypt

A photo posted by 🇲🇦 آل مغربى (@bahaaeldinmoustafa) on


Royal life by the sea. Marsa Shagra at dawn, Marsa Alam, South Red Sea - Egypt #RoamEgypt #ThisIsEgypt

A photo posted by Taimour Othman تيمور عثمان (@taimouro) on