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Glide Electric Scooters Are Charging Towards a Greener Egypt

Guaranteeing you rarely have to ever be stuck in traffic again in the greenest way possible, Glide Electric Scooters, the company that’s aiming to change the face of transportation in Egypt with their electric scooters and bicycles.

Recent news about an Egyptian electric car got a lot of people talking, but did you know you can already get an electric scooter right now? Local company Glide Electric Scooters is hoping to change the shape of transportation in Egypt by combining elements from traditional scooters with modern technology, to provide a quick and eco-friendly way to get around big cities.

The scooters come in three models: G1, (with a maximum speed of 40 KM/hour), G2 (with a maximum speed of 45 KM/hour) and G3. The scooters have all been awarded the EU’S EEC certificate, and come with a one year warranty. And for some extra style points, Glide's scooters come with a sidecar to help us fulfil our ‘Bad Boys For Life’ fantasies.

If you're too young (or possibly too cool) to ride a scooter, Glide Electric Scooters also produce electric bicycles. They're like normal bikes, except they come with pedal assistance aided by the electric motor, or can be driven completely electronically for when those uphill rides are too much of an uphill battle.

To find out more and to book a test drive, head over to