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Good Ikea, Bad Idea for Egypt?

We look into what Egypt's in for when Ikea opens here. The rest of the world takes advantage of the superstore's relaxed policies. Will Egypt follow the trend?

We here at CairoScene can't wait for Ikea to come to Egypt. The only question is what will Ikea look like here? It looks the same from the outside, however, on the inside, things seem different from country to country. One thing that stays the same though is that the Swedish superstore seems like it has no problem with its customers acting badly.

In China, the sight of customers on dates, picnicking, napping on beds, tucked under covers and even urinating has become all too common. Little children can be seen running around naked, touching everything and peeing freely. With free air-conditioning and relaxed security, Ikea has become a sort of theme park that people love to abuse.

In New York, Ikea has offered free childcare while you shop. Seems like a great service, except for the fact that many people come there to drop off their kids, and take off for a couple of hours, not even shopping in the store. The same goes for Germany.

In Israel, a drunk women apparently vomited everywhere and then passed out in an Ikea bed. Instead of kicking her out, Ikea let her rest until she felt better, and wished her the best of health, once she did. Ikea firmly believes that getting bodies through the door may not result in sales that day, but definitely in the future, despite pissing toddlers, childcare freeloaders, free-food scammers, and tired seniors.

So what can we expect to see in Egypt's Ikea? Will there be too many toddlers to handle resulting in no childcare services? Will it smell like pee? Will there be unlimited foul and baladi bread? Will the youth make Ikea the new place to spot? Will it be a drunk refuge? There are so many questions, but really only time will tell how we too will take advantage of Ikea.