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Halal Wonder Woman

From vixen to veiled, Wonder Woman just got a makeover that the Brotherhood would approve of...

So we recently stumbled upon a superhero that would make the Brotherhood (and the Sisterhood, come to think of it) proud – or at least one woman's rendition of a superhero. Artist flowercrownprincess took the liberty of redesigning Wonder Woman's (basically naked) superhero costume, instead decking her out in full hijabi garb (though we've got to say, she dropped the ball on the arm part of the costume – visible upper arms are not shari3a-approved attire). Obviously this new Wonder Woman is ready to battle the forces of evil and by evil we mean all things haram. She'll clearly be cracking down on all those pesky promiscuous women who are brazenly displaying their necks and other such scandalous areas of skin, throwing her bracelet thingies to break all the bottles at Drinkies, carefully extracting her tiara from the folds of her hejab and tossing it to break apart couples holding hands on the Cornish…you get the picture.

We also just discovered that Wonder Woman's alter ego is Diana Prince (just discovered because aside from nerdy teenage boys who read comics and didn’t get any in high school, who else would know the name of Wonder Woman's alter ego?). We would suggest naming this new veiled superhero Dina El Brince. It has a nice Egyptian ring to it. Plus has anyone else noticed that the gold eagle on her chest very much resembles the eagle on the Egyptian flag? She could be our new national hero. Just saying.