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Holistic Platform ‘The Nile Goddess’ is Hitting Sahel with Tarots, Flowers and Divine Healing

The newest holistic platform to hit Egypt, The Nile Goddess, has rolled up to Sahel with an agenda full of divine healing and floral dyeing.

Some compare quarantine to being like a cocoon from which our inner goddesses will one day emerge, divine and triumphant - which is a cutesy way of coping with the fact that we've been lying about like a sloth instead of carrying ourselves like the offspring of Mother Gaia. But we need not fret; Egypt’s newest holistic platform, The Nile Goddess, has hit Sahel with an agenda packed full of wellness activities that we didn’t even know existed around here.

Jewellery making from the sea, scent creation, tarot cards and tea, natural dyeing with plants and flowers, and floral rituals are very much a thing in Sahel now. We’re not going to lie - even though we’d never consider it an alternative to going to the doctors, we’re intrigued by the idea of healing with flowers by the beach. Founder of the holistic platform, Bosaina El Kahal, has been working in fashion, design, music and hospitality for the past decade and has invested into her holistic education on the side. Wanting to connect her interests together and share an experience that reconnects women with their divinity through natural and healing arts, she took it upon herself to kickstart The Nile Goddess.

“We’re a hybrid of creative and holistic arts, not just holistic wellness," Bosaina El Kahal told CairoScene. "When a woman is more connected to her creative life force energy, something we all possess, it’s 100% empowering. If she can heal herself, she can heal and empower others, and if she can find this balance between the luxuries of life, self care and so on, whilst also maintaining her spiritual and mystical practices, one can only imagine the impact of something like this on our greater community. It’s holding space for other women, without the politics."

The holistic platform is set to hold a two day event at Mazeej Hotel on July 28th and July 29th, and is open only to women. If you’re in need of some divine healing, head to to find more information on their upcoming events.