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How La Vista Bay is Changing the Sahel Game

This closed community resort may just be the spectacle Sahel has always been waiting for.

Sahel, sahel, sahel. We aren’t ashamed of our love affair with the place. We’ve been partying up and rocking the sands of the North Coast for years, and we aren’t about to stop anytime soon. But deep down inside, we sometimes yearn for something a little different from what we’re used to. After searching far and wide, and journeying back and forth between Alexandria and Matrouh, we feel we may have found the perfect place.

La Vista Bay is the scintillating North Coast resort that is breathing new life into Sahel. Now much closer to home after the opening of the new Cairo–Matruh Road, the seaside compound is among the biggest in the country, covering a million square metres and boasting a one-kilometre-long beach front. It is also home to one of the most serene natural environments in Egypt’s Mediterranean coast, with white sands so soft and fine it feels like flour to the touch, and crystal clear turquoise waters. The sea isn’t the only place to take a dip here for sure, as there are more than twenty luxurious swimming pools scattered across La Vista Bay. Hugging the bay are rows of chalets and villas that all face the sea too, so no matter where you are staying, you will always have a marvelous view of the Mediterranean sea.

But it’s not a place to just go swim, suntan, chill at home, then go to sleep. La Vista Bay is also somewhat of a venue. Some of our favourite bands and music acts come to play here regularly, including Glass Onion, Screwdriver, Cadillacs, and Amro & The Big Boogie. They will be performing all the tunes we love and adore back in Cairo, but only with the stunning coastal waters as the backdrop. Even if you’re looking for something a bit more relaxing, there’s always the beach lounge where you can laze the day away with soothing music gently playing away in the background.

Fitness freaks will have something to love at La Vista Bay too. If you’re the type of person who must always exercise no matter when or where you are, the illustrious Gold’s Gym has a dedicated branch in the resort. The gym made famous by Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be running a whole host of activities for those who want to keep fit on their getaways. Yoga, water sports, Zumba classes, and fitness groups are only going to be some of the options on offer. Now go looking for services like that elsewhere in Sahel.

You won’t need to bother or worry yourself with what to cook at home either, as the lavish food court is home to many of our favourite names in Egypt’s food scene. TBS, Andrea, Tortina, Lychee, Tche Tche, Lord of the Wings, and Cilantro are among the big and delicious names on offer. You know that place on Maadi’s Road 9 which serves the best New York-style pizza in Cairo? You’ll be excited to know that Vinny’s also has a branch here.

What's most important about La Vista Bay is the true sense of community within it. You'll be able to enjoy all these pleasures and amenities in the company of your neighbours and their esteemed guests, as only homeowners and their friends have the privilege of getting the La Vista experience.

Besides all that, the one true thing which separates La Vista Bay from all the other players is its genuine peacefulness. The surrounding area isn’t clogged up with other developments or hotels and the crowds and the noise they bring. When you come here, you will truly find a little piece of heaven and the serenity which comes with it.

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