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How (Not) to Write an Apology

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

I wrote a blog earlier this week about the somewhat comical errors on a Facebook event write up. Please note that the organiser has now contacted me with an angry Facebook message saying that I have caused a lot of problems for his party and DJs. Yes, I have become the sole downfall of his party. As such, and before I find baltageya at my doorstep and/or a fake Facebook profile of me with questionable grammar, I have this to say:

My article in no way was a representation of how good the Cataract New Year’s Eve party will be, and apologies to DJ Tamer Fouda, Exotic Eve and all the gang if, I personally offended you. I mean no harm. I wish you a kick-ass party. If you would like to reserve for the Cataract New Year’s Eve party, you can contact the following phone numbers:

╚►0122 77 24 9 34

╚►0111 11 89 8 67