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How to Be a Dick This Halloween

Here are five costumes you should avoid...

Every Halloween people from all over the world gather to dress up in stupid costumes and scare the beejeebus out of one another getting wasted. There are many good costume ideas designed to ensure a fun filled evening for all. But as per usual there's always one guy/girl who has to take it too far by offending the entire planet. Here are five costumes to avoid this (and every!) year.

Sexy Ebola Nurse

Thousands of people are dying because of an incurable disease. Most of them are from the poorest parts  of Africa. So what better way to mock them than by dressing up as a sexy ebola nurse? Douche-baguette. 


If there's one thing worse than gassing 11 million people to death, it's commemorating the event by dressing up as the guys who did it.

Human Centipede

This one is less offensive and more just....why. If you don't know what the human centipede is, then you are indeed blessed. Don't Google it - there are some things you just don't need to know.

Twin Towers

The twin towers - a terrible tragedy which allowed the US government to launch a brutal crusade into the Middle East. Bad for them. Bad for us. Bad costume idea. Try harder, idiot.

Black Face (generally)

Let us be very clear. If you think that painting your face black in order to mimic somebody's skin pigmentation is somehow ok...then we hope you get ebola, while getting gassed as you gasp your last as part of a human centipede.


Dressing up like ISIS is not only offensive but it's predictable and lame. If you were planning to join this particular army of unimaginative morons then please - for the love of Allah - organise a hasty retreat back to the drawing board.