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Huawei Just Saved 2 Innocent People from the Horrors of Their Moms’ Phone Photography

Tagging @HuaweiMobileEg, #صورة_ماما_احلى and #GR5_2017, Egypt's top instagrammers have shared their mothers' handiwork with the world in a desperate attempt to win the mean snapping machine that is the Huawei GR5.

You may think your mom is the least tech savvy person on the planet. You'd be right. As part of Huawei's Mother's Day efforts to elevate the quality of mommy social media game, some of Egypt's Instagram mavens took to the internet to cry for help. Tagging @HuaweiMobileEg, #صورة_ماما_احلى and #GR5_2017, these social media whizzes willingly gave away some of their street cred on Instagram, posting photos taken by their mothers. And they all did it in a desperate attempt to win the mean snapping machine that is the Huawei GR5 for their mothers, so they too can shoot to Instagram fame and glory.

Nour Aboulela

Sara Sabry

Zayneb Azzam

Malak El Ezzawy

Mahmoud Shafik

Berna Ibrahim

Hannah El Zahed

Noha Sherbiny 

Alas, only 2 phones were up for grabs, so as to allocate these limited resources wisely, 2 Huawei GR5s went to those who need them most; those whose mothers' visual offences were least forgivable.   

Not only will this wonder device improve your mother's social media game, she will then hold within her palms the secret to Instagram fame, giving the internet's overlords a run for their money; with an 8 mega pixel front camera and a 12 +2 mega pixel main one, a built-in 'bokeh' effect - that's the photography aesthetic blurring the out of focus elements of a photo, for you non-shutterbugs! Not only that, the Huawei GR5 is, quite literally, mommy-proof in that it requires minimal technical knowledge to snap beautiful photos due to a sensor incorporated in the camera that produces clear, crisp, and sharp visuals every time, even if she's trying to capture a herd of deer from a moving vehicle at night!  

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