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Hyde Park Is Giving Away Free Tickets to Omar Khairat's Concert in Sahel This Friday

Participate in Coast82's online trivia competition this Tuesday at 12 PM on Facebook for a chance.

Remember when we told you that Hyde Park developed a visionary residential project in Sahel by the name Coast82? Remember how we said it was going to reinvent the concept of beach-side getaways? Well now, we can't be more excited about the fact that Coast82 are sponsoring RMC Theatre inside the Sea Hub - not far from the coastal haven - where exhibitions, shows, and concerts, commencing with an online trivia game on July 18th at exactly 12 PM. The game will have lucky winners (whose answers get the most likes) snatch spots to attend the highly-anticipated performance by the legendary Omar Khairat at the RMC Theatre on July 21st! Not shabby, is it? It’s almost as if you’re not really getting a choice; you’re going to unwind in luxury and actually have a good time whether you like it or not.

We looked into the development happening right now at Coast82 and we caught some magical landscapes that can be seen from any direction you look. Apparently life by the Mediterranean Sea is constantly animating and changing, creating unmatchable beauty. The developers, Hyde Park, have built upon the beauty of the land in the North Coast and they have used the topography to bring us hilly parks and valleys with tranquil flora, coupled with lagoons surrounded by lush greenery. Stepping out of your home every morning is like stepping into a passageway from heaven. Yes please!

Natural scenery aside - and the lavish homes, might we add - there'll be entertainment in almost in every form. A clubhouse for relaxing evenings, a 5-star hotel for all of the guests who are suddenly enticed by the scenery, a beach clubhouse for a little beach-side fun, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, and a shopping promenade with plenty of places to dine after all the walking you just did! Shop until your drop, right?

For more details, contact Hyde Park on 16696 or find them on Facebook.

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