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ICONIA: Bringing History into the Future

Samcrete Development's ICONIA has revived the classic atmosphere of Zamalek.

Iconia Zamalek

Cairo is often thought of as encompassing the old and new all at once. You can find classic European-style architectural buildings alongside tall administrative and residential towers. The stunning Zamalek district is an example of just that. Throughout the years, Zamalek has kept up its undeniable historical charm. With easy access to all major parts of Cairo, and surrounded by the Nile, it makes complete sense that many embassies favour it as a location.  The architectural gems located on the island are innumerable, and Samcrete Development has found the ultimate way to perfect that balance of embracing the past and the future with ICONIA Zamalek.

ICONIA has refurbished and modernized the nostalgic AUC Zamalek hostel. Despite being built in the 1990s, the hostel's design maintained the typical AUC Arabesque style, which is in keeping with ICONIA’s vision to honour the past. In fact, the name “ICONIA” pays homage to its iconic location, which has been passed on from generation to generation. ICONIA features fully-furnished serviced apartments, office spaces and speciality shops and restaurants.

We had an awesome time at ICONIA’s opening and loved how they managed to take that classic architectural feel and give it a modern twist. We couldn’t choose from the selection of restaurants, such as the irresistible 30 North, Chicken & Ribs and Butcher’s Burger, but after much bickering, the burger-lovers prevailed and we agreed to go to Butcher’s Burger, where we enjoyed a deliciously juicy burger. After stuffing our faces, we couldn’t help but satisfy our sweet tooth with a heavenly, sinful gelato from Stavolta, which is opening soon but we were lucky enough to get a taster at their stall. We also stopped at Deli Mini for some soft drinks, and were amazed by their collection of snacks and sweets.

In an attempt to burn off those calories, we window-shopped past Berge Jewelry and then proceeded to check out some books at Al Masriah Al Lubnaniah Bookstore’s stall. We loved the diverse collection we found and are looking forward to the store’s official opening. We were excited to pay a visit to ALMAYA Art Gallery, where we were taken aback by the beautiful pieces of art on display. We learnt there will soon be a National Bank of Egypt ATM available, which will be super convenient for those annoying moments when you realize you don’t have enough cash on you.

What struck us the most that day is the fact that you can find everything under one roof; with its apartments, office spaces and shops, you can live, work and shop in a cosy atmosphere with character.

We were so impressed by the fact that ICONIA has separate private entrances to the offices and apartments, providing a sense of privacy and seclusion in one place which is so rarely found in the big city. We also discovered that there are flexible options for the serviced apartments themselves as residents can rent both short and long-term, and apartments range from studios to three bedrooms. Residents can also enjoy concierge and housekeeping services.offers a living, working and shopping experience that is truly unique to the area, while at the same time keeping and honouring the historical feel and design of the original architecture. Perfectly in tune with the Cairo vibe, it brings history into the future.