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IKEA's #SummerOfMemories

This summer, the kings of comfy furniture, IKEA, asked people across Egypt to share their memories of summer with snaps taken during the season and the results are totally heart-warming...

Lana del Rey may have that summertime sadness but for the rest of the human race, summer is quite literally the best season of the year. It’s those few precious months that you look forward to all year round; it’s sun-soaked and laidback; it’s beach time and getting bronzed. And it also happens to to be that time of year where you make all those summer memories that last you a lifetime; we all have that black and white photo of our grandparents hanging out on the beach (probably in Agami) back in ’65, encased in a simple frame and placed in the living room. Because summer memories supersede time, and even decades later you have photographs to remind you.

For some reason, summer, more than any other season, leads to an inordinate amount of photos – these days most of them are selfies – that commemorate the fun you had. The kings of comfy, easy furniture, IKEA, asked people across Egypt to share their own memories by uploading their favourite summer snap to a Facebook application, using the hashtag #SummerOfMemories on Instagram, and using one sentence to describe the moment. A slew of participants across the country sent in their snaps, filling up an entire album with the fun-filled, sun-dappled moments of the summer. And now that the beach season is just about coming to a close, IKEA rounded up all of the photos and in a totally adorable move, printed them all out, framed them, and sent them to their respective owners. Cue the awwws. No for real, cue the awws.

In the video released depicting the campaign, people young and old tell the stories of their snaps; from one girl’s standard car-and-sunglasses selfie that she took on the way to the beach, to another giant family selfie taken at a gathering (see, we told you it’s all about selfies now). And the cuteness just keeps on rolling in as one kid shyly mumbles ‘Thank you IKEA’ at the end of the video. Anyway, all the participants now have their summer 2015 photos safely encased in Ikea frames and can keep them as a reminder of the good times they had as the summer tapers off…


مسابقة #ذكريات_ الصيف

شكرا لكل الناس اللي شاركت معانا في مسابقة #ذكريات_الصيف  . ده فيديو لبعض المشاركات اللي كانت معانا في المسابقة  We would like to thank everyone who participated in our #summerofmemories competition, this is a short video with some of our participants

Posted by IKEA Egypt on Sunday, August 30, 2015


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