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Incredible Video of Red Bull's Alex Mason Flying Through The Air at Al-Hussein

Walking around Al-Hussein is fun, but watching a pro slackliner flip through the air there is just plain epic.

We're back to reality now that Ramadan is behind us, yet we can’t help but reminisce on all the special moments it bestowed upon us. Think of all those spectacular Ramadan tents, mama’s delicious food, the fun family 3ezoomat (gatherings), the powerful spiritual vibes, and the slacklining American in Al-Hussein… Wait, what? Wait, who? Yes, we said the slacklining American at Al-Hussien – that actually happened. We're not really sure what's throwing you off more at this point, the fact that you don’t know what the heck slacklining is or the lack of relevance as it pertains to Ramadan.

A slackliner is a very sane person who uses a 50 - 80 foot stretched rope, not extremely high off the ground, and jumps on it and treats it like a trampoline. On the 15th of June, which fell on the 9th of Ramadan, Red Bull treated Egyptians to a fun surprise as they were having their suhour – and let us tell you, it was freaking awesome; way more awesome than staying up eating. Take a look for yourself:That guy, ladies and gentlemen, is Alex Mason – one of Red Bull’s youngest athletes. At the young age of 18, he has the power to drop jaws all around him. After hours of curiosity and anticipation all around Al-Hussien area, Mason finally came out to wow us with his incredible moves. “When I am out there I feed off of the energy of the crowd and all I do is a reflection of their impact on me,” the athlete says. This guy jumped – actually, scratch that – this guy flew and jumped on a rope, and he twirled and swerved on his slackline, showing us skills we never thought were possible. He even did cool dance moves to shaaby music while he was airborne – a true athlete is one who knows how to entertain the crowd while he does his thing.
Talent like that doesn’t come cheap, though; it takes years upon years of diligent practice to become a professional like Red Bull’s Alex Mason. Years? Isn’t he only 18? Okay, we admit, some people are born with the gift, but it still takes time to be perfect *dreamy eyes* like Alex. With a passion for rock-climbing that started at the age of 11, he developed his impressive balancing skills, but “it was time to do more than just rock climbing,” he told us – he was ready to explore more, and slacklining seemed like one of the most exciting ways to do that.He flipped, he flew, he swayed, and he swirled, leaving us behind to collect our jaws off the ground. Well, he is a Red Bull athlete after all, it's natural to expect that high level of perfection. While he only visited us for two days, he left behind this epic memory. "I had never been to Egypt before, but I loved every second of it; there is no doubt I will be coming back again," he said on his way out. We'll definitely be waiting.

Photos and video by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.
Photography: Ahmed Najeeb, Ezz-ElDin Tarek, and Mohamed Diaa.
Cinematography: Muhammed Daoud and Mina Saber.