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Instagram Tattoos

Taking #InstaObsession to new levels, one company will make temporary tattoos of your favourite Instagram photos.

Taking everyone’s current Instagram obsession to new levels, you can now get your awesome Amaro-filtered, 35% brightness, 42% saturation Instapic off your phone and onto your skin. Yes, it is true, Instagram tattoos are now a reality. A new service called Picattoo allows you to create temporary tattoos from your Instagram photos. Is this slightly reminiscent of stick-on tattoos from when you were a kid in the 90s? Yes. Is it part the former while at the same time falling under the category of basic bitch? Yes. Like, you’ll be sticking it on as you sip on your Starbucks cinnamon spice latte. Is it kind of silly and pointless and should be limited to children 12 and under? Yes. Do we care? No.  

The service is available worldwide and basically how it works is you log in to Instagram through Picattoo’s website, pick 12 of your favourite Instapics, place your order and voila! You shall receive a little pack with 12 sticker tattoos that identically mirror the real thing. Sure some of the resolution is lost in translation. And the size is miniscule. But you can now cover your skin with your own photos – you’re basically a tattoo artist at this point. You can also – and this seems to be their entire aim, according to their website – stick them on your friends while they’re sleeping. They last up to seven days – allegedly. More likely, they’ll wash off after three. Or alternately, maybe they don’t wash off at all and you’ll forever be stuck with a square tattoo of your own face.  

Also, we took the liberty of creating a personalised #ElGhalebFelTattoo tattoo.