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It’s A Whole New World of Tech with ESLSCA’s New Computing & Digital Tech School

ESLSCA is the new school putting Egypt’s undergraduates on track for today’s tech transformation.

Today’s Egyptian teenagers are lucky. We know that seems absurd—they’re ending their high school years with no graduation ceremonies in sight and the world is on fire—but hear us out. They know now what we didn’t when we were their age.

We didn’t know (or at least didn’t really listen when they told us) that we should be focusing on tech. Not marginally, not as a cute lil side interest, but really full-on whole-heartedly pressure-our-parents-into-saying-yes focusing on tech above all else. And even if we did listen to the signs telling us that the transformation is nigh, that artificial intelligence, robotics, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and information security were the future, we just didn’t have the right schools to put us on the billion-dollar path.

But listen up, Gen Z, Zoomers, TikTokers, whatever it is you rapscallion generation call yourselves: you do. Paris ESLSCA (École Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées) has an Egypt branch, the first accredited branch of a foreign university in the country, and they just launched a new school to launch you into the careers so many 20-somethings and 30-somethings are trying to get into now.

In their new School of Computing & Digital Tech, you can get your bachelor’s specialising in—get this—data sciences, artificial intelligence, media informatics and mixed reality, blockchain, and cloud computing. The cutting-edge program is built on dynamic classes, innovation labs, study mobility between the Cairo and Paris campuses, and internships with ESLSCA's many corporate partners that’ll show you how, even in a non-tech career, tech skills are beyond crucial today.

You’ll also be graduating from the Bachelor’s program in three years, in accordance with the European system, instead of the usual four. So while your friends are fretting about their thesis projects and final exams, you’ll already have one of the most employable degrees around, and be a full year into your career.

Maybe if we’d gotten our noses out of Jane Eyre and Naguib Mahfouz long enough to realise we should have pursued something like this, we wouldn’t be writing this article right now. Maybe we’d have a Tesla. Oh well.