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Jumping on a Trampoline With Santa is the Most Epic Way to Spend Your Christmas

When we were younger, we asked Santa for a trampoline - years later, we got a whole park of them!

For the entire year, we had to do adult stuff. Nobody catered for our childish ways and hearts; we had to wake up early, we had to go to work, we had to pay the bills, and on some occasions, we had to handle crisis maturely without stomping around and crying to get our way. We deserve a break right about now as the year wraps up. While we were scanning ways to spend our Christmas this year after finally getting some time off, we had two choices: go to a fancy shmancy dinner with some pretentious adults, OR we could to Egypt's best trampoline park: Gravity Code. Of course, the latter came out on top. Now you know why we're hitting up Gravity Code, Gravity Code, located at 3 Skies Plaza Mall, 90th Road in New Cairo. This place at this time of the year is as close as it gets to having that world peace wish come true; it's a place with no borders - no one is judging you for your age or size. Just go as you are. With a group or by yourself. No one will care. The only thing to worry about is if you get into it with someone who is a better jumper than you are who is doing flips and whatnot on the trampoline. But that's okay, you can jump and fly over the biggest air bag in Egypt, or we're sure you can master one of the different games they have planned – from dodge ball madness to slam dunking showoffs to cageball matches to performance wall. Oh, it's going to get SO real.It's going to be so wickedly epic - obviously, since it's the season for miracles, a time to be a born-again child. And, in light of the joyous season, the park will be all decked out in Christmas decorations, with Santa and colourful ornaments all around. On an adult note, though, the more we jump, the more pounds we shed before that big Christmas turkey we will gobble up later this month.

Jump right on to their Facebook page for more details about what they've got planned for you, and how you can make it there.