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Ka3b Shoe Shield: Saving Footwear

We came across an ingenious new Egyptian invention that saves shoes from all that driving-induced scuffing. No longer shall our right pair of shoes be jealous of the left!

On the sadness spectrum of life in girl world, breaking a nail is about a two, (three if you just got a manicure). Ruining a gorgeous pair of shoes is about a twelve. Whether they were a hideously uncomfortable but drop-dead-amazing pair of Louboutins that cost you your left kidney, or possibly even worse, a pair of heels that was actually comfortable and didn’t make you want to burn them in acid, destroyed shoes are always disappointing.

The main perpetrators behind our shitty scuffed heels are weddings that decide to be in gardens (we wish the newlywed couple every happiness in life but secretly kind of hate you for making us sink two inches into the grass with every step), badly behaved dogs chewing them up, or the last culprit, which is like a chronic disease in that it devours your shoes slowly but surely: driving. And y’know, at least when your dog chews on your heels, thereby ruining them forever, your anger is somewhat dissipated by the adorableness of your pooch and the fact that you love them. When persistent driving ruins your heels – or just regular shoes because it does that too! – you’re just plain pissed off.  

Women treasure shoes above all else, which is why when we came across a nifty new brand by the name of Ka3b Shoe Shield, which protects the heels of your shoes from scuffing and eventually falling apart when you drive, you can imagine our general sense delight and relief. We also quickly ordered a pair for us, our mothers and our best friend, knowing that they would owe us forever.

However, just because women love them, don’t be fooled into thinking they aren’t equally useful for men because guys’ shoes are not exempt from the whole scuffed-heel-syndrome. For once, guys get to suffer when it comes to the sartorial side of things, just as badly as women do. Mwahahaha! Well, not anymore, now that they can salvage the heels of their shoes too with Ka3b Shoe Shield. The shoe protectors are adjustable so they work with any size, and you can use them on anything from Converse to boat shoes. 

So that this doesn't happen...

Ka3b Shoe Shield was started a year ago by Assil Hassan, who simply realised that “all of my friends – or anyone who drives actually – had a major problem in that their shoes were being totally ruined from driving!” Instead of joining the ranks of the complaining girls (us basically), Hassan decided to find a solution and developed Ka3b Shoe Shield, a protective padded strap-on cover, with versions for both heels and flats, that you just put on while you’re driving and eliminates the scuffing that happens to that right shoe!

One of the things we particularly love about this brand though, and its mother company Ebda3 Masry, is that as much as they want to facilitate happy driving, they also want to create new ideas and useful products that are 100% designed and produced in Egypt. We get a warm fuzzy patriotic feeling in our hearts when we find out things are homegrown.

Though this is the first product the company rolls out, you can expect more things that are highly beneficial to your everyday life. For now, we suggest you head over to On The Run to pick up a pair (which happens to be especially perfect because long distance driving rapes your shoes). The shoe-protectors are only physically sold there, but you can also purchase them through Jumia’s site or place an order via Ka3b’s Facebook page and they deliver it to your doorstep! What are you waiting for? Your heels look bad enough already….

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @ka3bshoeshield.